Monday, March 30, 2009

Spending Spree!

So Clint and I have been on a spending spree! It's fun as long as I don't add up the $$ we've spent. :) It started a couple months ago when we bought our Yukon (which we love) and then had to put in the DVD player, floor mats, Navigation, IPOD controls.... It the nicest car we've ever owned and we feel pretty special driving it :)

Then came the Wii that I have been asking Clint to get us for a while. It's fun for all of us, even Spence tries to box :) He sure is cute these days.

Then Clint bought motorcycle tires and I bought an outdoor umbrella. Then the my favorite purchase that I'm using as I type.....My new LAPTOP! Which I L.O.V.E. I find I don't even have anything to do on the computer but I'm still turning it on and messing around. Anyway, we've been enjoying ourselves lately :) I tried to take some pictures of all our new stuff but my camera is on the fritz. I think I'm cursed when it come to cameras. I swear I try to take care of them but they keep breaking. Hopefully Clint can get it working and I'll post some photos.
I got this off the website. I have the red one. :)