Thursday, July 23, 2009


Tevor's friend Alex has a '69 Camero that I think he restored. All the little boys were going crazy over it and Alex was nice enough to take them for a ride.

Spencer calls it "bumbee".

Alex was a good sport, he told the kids that his radar detector was how he finds the decepticons. :) They asked if it transforms and he said, "sometimes". They had a blast.

Trev's Wedding

Don't you think we need a girl???? I guess I just steal Holly's. :)


I cut over 14 inches off my hair and I have loved it. It is so much easier. (don't look at my no makeup face please.)

The Fourth

We went to the Fireworks in PG with the Newbolds.

"Best Partners"

In June we went up Diamond Mtn for my high school friends reunion and Carter made a bird feeder with a pinecone. We caught him trying to eat it- it had PB on it. When we got home we hung it up and watched the birds eat it. There were usually two there at a time. Carter noticed this trend and said, "mom they must be best partners". And now he's always telling me who's "best partners".

Here is a picture of his "best partners" -- Spiderman and Kitty.