Sunday, November 30, 2008


Carter is a COOL DUDE with my old and now his new MP3 player. His favorite song is Black Sabbath's "Iron Man". (Shocker!)
Clint took Carter bowling last week and they had a "ball" :)

Carter got a hold of the camera and got a few shots of his Dad strutting his stuff.
We put up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and Spencer just can't resist touching the decorations. He brushes them with the tips of his fingers while sticking out his tongue. Then hauls outta there when I start coming. If it wasn't so darn cute he'd be in huge trouble!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tagged~for the very first time.

8 Things I'm Passionate about:
1 My boys
2 Clint
3 Family
4 Hangin w/ friends
5 Twilight
6 Carbs
7 Weezer
8 Digital Scraping

8 Words/Phrases I use all the time:
1 I'm Funny!
2 Seriously!
3 OMH!
4 I don't care
5 I'm going to count to 3
6 Beast
7 What are you doing?
8 Reer

8 Things I want to do before I die:
1 Have a girl
2 Be a good mom
3 Keep my house clean for a week
4 See my kids old and happy
5 apparently set some long term goals

8 Things I currently want/need: (only 8?)
1 $$$
2 More bedrooms
3 a Square rug
4 four door truck
5 to lose weight
6 a nap
7 a laptop
8 My mom would say "food storage"
9 Cough medicine that works

8 Places I want to visit:
1 Italy!
2 Hawaii
3 My Broth
4 Navoo
5 Old friends in Seattle & AZ
6 Caribbean
7 Tai Pan
8 Veranl

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1 Texas Roadhouse
2 The Keg
3 PF Changs
4 Cafe Rio
6 Papa Johns
7 Subway
8 Room service @ the Embassy

8 TV shows I watch:
1 Greys
2 Samantha Who
3 The Office
4 Ben 10
5 I don't even have time for these. I usually watch them online.

8 People I Tag:
1 Victoria
2 Lindsay
3 Melynda
4 Les
5 Erin
6 Nicole R
7 Heather
8 Cami
9 Shana

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I bought my camera less than a year ago and feel like almost every picture I take is blurry. Clint thinks it's the "operator" but I feel like it should automatically make my pictures great. Does anyone have any suggestions or a great camera they love?

Bat Boys

We found these pajamas the other day and the boys love them.
We think they are pretty cute too. "They transform from clothes to pj's by taking off the cape." And Carter also said that he can fly by turning into a "Batman bird". I said, "do you mean a bat?" And he said, "no, a batman bird!" He loves being "twins" with his "brother baby" and this morning he said that he was going to marry his brother baby when he turns into a dad.
(Unrelated to batman) Last night we were driving to SLC to pick up Clint and Carter said, "I see a church!" I told him that is was a temple and he asked, "is that where heaven is?" Is can be a sweet boy sometimes.