Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bat Boys

We found these pajamas the other day and the boys love them.
We think they are pretty cute too. "They transform from clothes to pj's by taking off the cape." And Carter also said that he can fly by turning into a "Batman bird". I said, "do you mean a bat?" And he said, "no, a batman bird!" He loves being "twins" with his "brother baby" and this morning he said that he was going to marry his brother baby when he turns into a dad.
(Unrelated to batman) Last night we were driving to SLC to pick up Clint and Carter said, "I see a church!" I told him that is was a temple and he asked, "is that where heaven is?" Is can be a sweet boy sometimes.


Hiatt Family said...

Too cute!! I love when they say cute things like that, it shows you that you're a good mom! :)

Joe & Jess said...

What two cute beastie batmans!