Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun new website.

I found a new website through another one of my fav sites ( It is I also saw them in the scrapbook magazine for all the cool fonts you can get there. Anyway they have step by step instructions on how to create your own blog background and I've been looking for that for a while. It worked great and now by bg matches my header. Yay! :)


Jess said...

That sounds like fun I will have to try out that website

Harvey Family said...

I was blog hopping and found yours! Your boys are adorable! Email me at so I can send you an invite to our blog.

You have such a cute family!
Melia (DeCamp)

Nightowl Mama said...

and u did a great job on it too. Luv their website Ijust googled scrapbook back ground for wordpress and found them. luv the color choice that u have.
great family photo

Mom to "W" said...

I found your blog through theirs. I love your layout. I used their tutorial to make mine match me.